Journeys Back to Simpler Times in Alexandria: The Heart of the Retrospective

Alexandria Retrospective

Alexandria, Louisiana has a special place in my heart. I was born there, and lived there during my early years. The Retrospective was launched in 2000, providing a time capsule of Alexandria at that time.

The places of the past as shown in this Retrospective remain an integral part of my life. The people of Alexandria past ... I can't forget, I'll never forget. About them, and where they lived, and the families they raised and the town they helped build. Indeed, some physical buildings may crumble and lie neglected. But the people who built that town will always be remembered, in my heart and in my soul.

Today, the Retrospective remains a slice of Alexandria history, a brief moment in time.

Since the site was launched in 2000, many things have changed, people have come and gone, buildings have fallen and and others been built. A new generation of Alexandria citizens is working hard for a city with a bright future.

The website continues in 2017 to put us in contact with many people that have Alexandria-Pineville and Louisiana roots and connections. We appreciate your support and interest!

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