Chaptico Dairy, Bayou Rapides Road
Advertisement for Chaptico Dairy in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk newspaper in 1957

Chaptico Dairy was located in Alexandria, Louisiana on Bayou Rapides Road past MacArthur Drive. The dairy was on the left side of the road, past Kent House Plantation on the south side of the road, and just before Heyman Lane.

Chaptico delivered milk to us daily in town during the 1950s, and my father and I used to visit the Chaptico Dairy barn to get free manure for our gardens.

The dairy had a unique "cow overpass" for the dairy cows, built out of heavy wooden timbers, over the Gardner Highway (Highway 28) to pastures on the south side of the highway. The overpass was removed during widening of Highway 28 to four-lanes..

Among the many people that worked at the dairy were Acey O'Neal and her father. Roy "Pat" Thiels was raised on Heyman Lane and lived on Chaptico Dairy property. And what about Oscar, and the Yellow Hammers?

We rode bicycles (Alexandria was safe then) from in town near Chester Street to this area to visit Billy & Bobby Messer, our school buddies who lived next door to the dairy.

Across from the Messers, next to the Bayou Rapides levee, was an old wooden country store. We purchased our M-80s at the store, and the big firecrackers made great explosions as they sunk in the waters of Bayou Rapides.

And across Heyman Lane was a massive live oak tree, whose branches had dipped down to the ground. A great place for climbing and exploring!

The silos at the dairy were still in existence early in 2004, but disappeared shortly thereafter.

We're still putting together the story of the Chaptico Dairy. If you have any photos or information about the dairy to share, please email them to, along with a brief explanation: where, when, who, etc.

The 2004 map below shows the approximate boundaries of Chaptico Dairy, the location of the remaining silos, and the cattle overpass at Louisiana Highway 28. (Map courtesy of Google Earth)

Map showing the approximate boundaries of Chaptico Dairy in ALexandria, Louisiana, the location of the remaining silos, and the cattle overpass at Louisiana Highway 28. (2004 map courtesy of Google Earth)

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