Alexandria is sometimes referred to as the "Heart of Louisiana" or the "Heart of Central Louisiana".

Whatever the terminology used, Alexandria is situated close to the geographical center of Louisiana, in an area known as "CenLA".

CenLA: In the Heart of LouisianaBesides Alexandria and Pineville, CenLA includes many smaller towns, communities, places, points of interest and lakes.

To the north are Rapides Station and Boyce, and Zimmerman where we used to fish at the sawmill pond.

And just outside of Pineville are the communities of Kingsville, Tioga, Ball, Libuse, Buckeye, Paradise, and Kolin.

And also northeast of Pineville is located the Maryhill Renewal Center, the site of Camp Maryhill and the famous "Star of the Sea" boat house on its lake. click for photos, history and more about the boat house at Maryhill

Others will remember Camp Windy Wood as a popular camping venue, and swimming and picnics at Fishville.

To the south we visited to places like Lecompte (home of Lea's Lunchroom), Cheneyville, Bunkie, company picnics at Chicot State Park, toured the Marksville Indian mounds with Cub Scouts, and fished at Williams Lake (out Old Marksville Highway on the east side of the Red river).

We used to journey to the east to Little River, Lonnie's Landing, Walker Lake, and Lehman Lake.

And let's not forget the good times at Valentine Lake, Castor Plunge, Lake Kincaid, Indian Creek (before the reservoir), Hot Wells, Bayou Rapides Road, and the gravel pits off US165.


Welcome to CenLA!

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