City of Alexandria

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The town of Alexandria was first incorporated on March 18, 1819, and received its official Charter from the Legislature in 1832. n 1882, Alexandria became a city with a Mayor, Justice of the Peace, and Treasurer. In 1912, a commission form of government was adopted by the Legislature which provided for the election of a Mayor, who also served as Commissioner of Public Health and Safety, a Commissioner of Streets and Parks and a Commissioner of Finance and Utilities.

Today, Alexandria has a mayoral-council system of government, with the Mayor serving as the executive branch of the local government.

The current Mayor is Jacques Roy, first elected to office in November 2006.

The Alexandria City Council serves as the legislative branch. The five districts of the city are represented on the Council, and two other council members are elected to serve as at-large representatives of the city.

All Council meetings are held in the Alexandria City Council Chambers, First Floor of City Hall, 915 Third Street, Alexandria.

The Alexandria City Hall Over the Years

In 1909, the City of Alexandria decided to build a city hall on the block bounded by Second Street, Third Street, DeSoto Street and Murray Street.

Front of the "new" Alexandria City Hall, Third Street facade, 2011 (photograph by the author)The Alexandria City Hall today

Designed by noted Arkansas architect George Richard Mann who also designed the Bentley Hotel and the Youree Hotel In Shreveport, it was built by the Southern Building Company of Louisville, Kentucky. With its four facades and central red dome it provided a powerful center to a green urban park.

The building featured a cream-colored brick with stone trim, and four matching porticos each with four Ionic columns. A series of steps up to the 2nd floor were provided on the Second Street and Third Street entrances. Ground level entrances existed on the DeSoto and Murray Street entrances. Four floors of office space was provided.

To its immediate north was the historic Hotel Bentley.

Many remember the grand old structure and how it was decorated during each Christmas season. With its gentle sloping lawn, it was also a great location to watch the many parades down Third Street.

In the early 1960s, a decision was made to demolish the existing City Hall, and build a "modern" city hall and convention hall in its place, at a cost of $1.5 million. Alexandria Mayor George W. Bowdon, Jr. presided over the ribbon cutting and dedication ceremonies. The Knights of Columbus raised the United States flag as part of the festivities.

The new structure features underground parking, and was designed by the Alexandria architectural firm of Barron, Heinberg & Brocato.

Front of the "new" Alexandria City Hall, Third Street facade, November, 2011 (photograph by the author)
Front of the "new" Alexandria City Hall, Third Street facade, 2011 (photograph by the author)

Rear of the "new" Alexandria City Hall, 2nd Street facade with Guaranty Bank Building in the background
November, 2011 (photograph by the author)
Back of the "new" Alexandria City Hall, Third Street facade, 2011 (photograph by the author)